Thursday, February 12, 2015

Reflection of Photo Essay

In my original design plan I had talked about how the entertainment value is lost when reading across different platforms and I think that idea sort of became lost as I went along with my project. I think this idea became moot when I did my narrative. In my narrative I had begun to talk about how the world will sort of change when paperback books are pushed to the side and technology has taken over. So think that the entire concept of my project sort of altered when I did my narrative, which I wasn’t entirely happy about. I also think that because of this shift in ideas that I was unable to really get my message across as effectively as I wanted. Especially in the last couple of photographs, Paper Dominoes and Burning Halo. I don’t think the message is as clear in those they definitely need captions so the message is clear. If I could go revise this project I would definitely go back and take more pictures to fill in the holes I think are in my project.  One thing that I’m unsure about is the background of my project. I had changed it last minute and I got the opinion of my roommate on whether or not the background was good but I have yet to get the opinion of my peers who are working on the same project as I. However, I do like my new background because I feel like the books look alien in this world, which I want people to understand. That soon books are going to be as odd in the home as a vinyl record is. I feel as if the pictures of my Nook actually belong in this outer space atmosphere and don’t look as out of place and I’m hoping that my audience is also getting that sense when they look at my project. As far as the formatting goes, I wish I had a little more freedom with putting the captions where I want to. I did not necessarily want to put my captions all at the bottom. I wanted to put some on the right side of my pictures. Since we read from left to right I thought this formatting would make sense since this whole project is on books. It was also upsetting that I had to put the captions on the bottom because they shrunk the size of my photos. As far as everything else goes, I think I did well with taking pictures, I think that I can keep the audience viewing this interested and I that you can clearly see I’m comparing both new technology with old books. I also think you can see my desire to hold onto to books as a part of my argument. I also think that my ethos and pathos are clearly stated in the piece. The logos is a bit more abstract but I think logos can be found in the fact and logic that things in text are moving towards this technological world and that things like libraries in and outside of the home and bookstores will either completely change or be naught when this happens. 

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