Thursday, January 22, 2015

Writing, Design, and Good Communication

Good communication surfaces from good writing as well as design. After going through the readings I have discovered that designs can often enhance the message you are trying to send through your writing. Like with a photo essay, through pictures you can give more information to add onto the information in your writing. You can further engage your audience with attractive pictures or use colors to get them into the mood you are trying to create with whatever you are writing about. I also think that using design could enhance one's communication through having images that can show better than you can tell. In my College Writing I class we were always told to show instead of tell with our writing. Design could often help with writing in this aspect. You can always tell someone how to a proper push up but pictures will often provide better communication of the information. The same goes for recipes. You can instruct someone with words on how to create their gnocchi but with pictures or a video they could have a better understanding about what the recipe is supposed to look like. I have gone onto websites about dreams and where they try to deconstruct the content of dreams and what they could possibly mean. The website is designed with blue which could be calming or soothing for those reading it.

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