Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Defining Work, Career, and Vocation

WORK, to me, is when one is trying their best to accomplish a task that thus brings them success. or praise. So to me work could be anything someone puts a lot of time and effort into. They don't necessarily have to be paid for these things especially since some people volunteer and help others for a living yet they are also doing work to better a community or a person's life. Work has to be something that takes time, thought, effort, some sort of strain then it can't be considered work. This goes the same for science. There is no work without movement, without effort, so the same should be said about life. Why is homework called homework even though you are not being paid for it? You are working at home on your assignments, just as much work, strain, or effort as flipping a burger. 

A CAREER is the path you have decided to travel on to support your basic needs and your luxuries, Usually something that you work hard on, may be passionate about, may despise or may be proud of that you will monetarily profit from. A career is also seen as essential in today's society. It is something that not many can survive without since the world is built on money in which one obtains through a career or some sort. 

A VOCATION is the way in which you choose to live your life. If you are Baptist that is part of your vocation. You have chosen to life your life defined as a baptist. Your vocation can also be your values. So do you value hard work, education, healthy eating, or exercising? Are these the things that make you who are you are? Are you asexual, heterosexual, or homosexual? Pan-sexual? These are all things that make up one's vocation. It is their purpose in life or what they feel is their purpose, meaning, or role in life. One's own place in the world.