Thursday, February 12, 2015

Design Plan for Photo Essay

Purpose: I want to convince others that reading on an iPad or Nook imitates reading as much as possible and how text is moving to a technological world slowly but surely. Newspapers are rarely ever being brought in gas stations or stores, most people go online to find their news. I want others to be aware of this and realize that this may be our future for other mediums like books and magazines. I want others to realize that this transition has already started with inventions like the Nook which is connected to Barnes and Noble and reading applications available on an iPad or the Kindle. I want to convince others that an imitation of something real is never as good as the reality and caution others from what we will be missing in this modernized world. I don’t want others to think that I’m opposed to all technology and all of its uses just in the matter of reading. I want those viewing this to think of things like VCR tapes and vinyl records, things that they may or may not have experienced but things that were a part of everyday life and have now been wiped out by technology and are a part of the past. I want to activate those thoughts in the minds of those viewing this presentation. My audience will most likely be viewing this from a computer chair or desk chair. They will be stuck in an uncomfortable position while viewing a screen like a computer screen from the blog or the projector screen from a Power Point presentation. Those reading from the screen may not perceive my message well as they read on blogs frequently, I must give a compelling argument. My peers may not find reading appealing in general as many people in my age group do not find reading attractive. They equate all reading, even for entertainment, with scholastic reading and thus do not find it enjoyable or worth doing. The context or medium will be on a Power Point presentation and on a blog page. I will need to take into consideration that I am making an argument about reading on screens and that while reading my argument people will be reading on screens. 

Ethos: I want to create a sense of authority or credibility by showing that I have many books and also many tablets and electrical devices so I can provide a good opinion on each reading experience. By showing that I’m an avid reader on both Tablets and computers and with just natural books I’m showing my experiences with both and how I can determine the changes between both. I also go over the fact that I am a journalism major and point out that even newspapers are being brought into the digital world and that books are sure to be the next contender. 
Pathos: I would like to create pathos through maybe the coloring of the photos. I’m thinking about making anything with actual books very relaxed, natural, and lively so it has this easy going feeling that one has when they are reading from a real book. With the tablets and computers I want to show a very forced and stiff experience and make the coloring of the photos very cool and distant with light blues to show how robotic and distant and less interactive this type of reading is. I am also going to use a font with serif for the pictures of the books to sort of imitate the print font one usually sees in books. I am going to use a sans serif font for the pictures about the tablets and iPads so that it gives off a more sleek, modern, and artificial feel like a wannabe of serif and of real books. I will go from one clincher of burning a book or in the process of doing so to another clincher of my little sister holding a tablet. Although she is smiling, the striking image from the previous photo will make the photo of my sister seem grimmer and not as positive—give off the essence of innocence and ignorance. 
Logos: I will compare the interactive aspects of reading a real book versus reading the imitation. This will clearly show how different the experiences are. How one is fake and forced and the other is natural and traditional. Logos or logic will also be present when I talk about how books and bookstores will either alter or be knocked out of the business. 

MEDIA OR MEDIUM: I will post the project onto a blog and I will also have it in a Power Point Presentation. My choice of platform goes against my argument but also shows how everyone is being forced into this technologically stiff world. It shows how even I will be forced to embrace this world and how there is no escaping it. 

ARRANGEMENT: I will take pictures of book pages turning in motion as well as an iPad page turning to show their similarities and differences and how natural one feels and how alien the other feels. I will show the annotating aspect between the two mediums and how they are different among different platforms. I am also going to have a picture of the Northern Lights in the background. The picture looks like my presentation has been thrown into space. My title is the future of books, so this picture sets the feeling for the sci-fi, technological world we now live in. I think having the pictures of the books will look very alien in comparison to this background while the tablets will look like they belong in this atmosphere. I will try and put the text in places where the eye will not divert first. I will put the text on the right of the slide since the human eye reads from right to left. I will try to also put the text beneath the pictures since we tend to read from top to bottom as well. I tried to arrange pictures where I compared books versus Nooks in a way where it looked like open book.

HOW TO PRODUCE COMMUNICATION: I will be taking photographs of books, iPads and computers, any platform where one can read and then I will put them on Power Point presentation where I will arrange my visual argument coherently. 

TESTING: I can have someone else look at my project to see if the message I am trying to show is clear. I can also post the project onto the blog and test different formatting that will make the communication the most effective and understandable and have others look at it see if everything is coherent. 

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