Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What do you think of Blogs?

I definitely think it takes a certain kind of person to blog. Someone who loves to write and who has a lot to write about. I don't think that I could blog about my life because there isn't much happening in my life that could make my blog worthwhile. But someone like Kim Kardashian who has millions of things going on in her daily life would have a very fascinating blog. However I'm sure Kim K wouldn't spend her time typing out dollar signs. I think if I were to blog I would have to write about books or things that come up in the news or Pretty Little Liars because those are things that I know a lot about and that I could write about in multiple occasions and never get tired of writing about either. So for one I think blogging is definitely about starting off with things that you enjoy writing about and things you can write about for a long time and that you can make series of posts out of.

A blog could definitely be useful. I know people who read blogs about fashion and blogs about other people's lives and it's as much a source of entertainment as it is a source of information. People can learn about the latest fashion trends from those who write about fashion in their blogs. Getting a look into someone's exciting life in a blog could lighten up one's own dull landscape of life. I feel as if a blog serves many purposes when it comes to giving information and giving entertainment and sometimes it's nice to sit down and read and I think blogging sort of acts like reading books or newspapers as well. Those who like to read will like sitting down and reading a blog as well.

I think a lot of the people who blog are also into the idea of sharing their life with others or sharing their passions with others. They have to be people who are very open about their experiences or their expertise. I feel as if someone who blogs would also have to be a writer. They would have to have some experiences in writing or at least know the basics and maybe even take joy in writing. I think a lot of the people that blog also find therapy in writing and sharing their lives and interests with others.

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